‘Queer Eye’ Announced Its S3 Release Date With A New Carly Rae Jepsen Jam

You won’t see a more perfect headline than the above anytime soon, I tell you what. Netflix‘s entirely blessed Queer Eye reboot is building anticipation for its third season, and this morning the Fab 5 show dropped its season premiere date and, in doing so, also gave us a teaser for an absolutely red hot new Carly Rae Jepsen bop. Perfect headline. In every way, perfect.

[jwplayer t3015h2z]

After two glorious seasons shot the rebooted Fab 5 into the public eye last year, BobbyJVNTanKaramo, and Antoni (mentioned in order of goodness) will be returning to Netflix come March 15th.

But because that announcement alone is simply not enough, it came coupled with a teaser of a new Carly Rae Jepsen tune, Now That I Found You. Suffice to say a) it’s a massive tune, and b) we demand the full version be released absolutely immediately.

We have absolutely no idea when CRJ will be dropping the full version of the tune – or when the apparent new album is coming, for that matter (TOUR AUSTRALIA PLEASE AND THANKS) – but at the very least our burning Queer Eye questions have been answered.

The third season of the show was shot in and around Kansas City, and will be followed-up by a special mini-series set in Japan, much like the Australian special they filmed in Yass in June of last year.

March 15. Queer Eye 3. Get ready, pals!