Slip, slop, and slap because the Samsung Galaxy S20 has come in hot this week. The newest generation of flagship handsets are officially ready for preorder, and we’ve got all the best deals lined up.

Succeeding last year’s S10, the S20 range has some banger upgrades. There’s bigger battery capacity across the board, more generous screens, 5G capabilities and cameras so powerful you could pick up your reflection in the honey drooling across your cheese board. 

On top of that, every S20+ and S20 Ultra pre-order comes with a set of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ free of charge.

Here are some of the best deals getting around right now.

Samsung Galaxy S20

This year’s entry-level baby comes in 4G and 5G variants with only $150 outright difference between the two. Both handsets have a 6.2-inch display, three rear cameras (12MP + 64MP + 12MP) and a 10MP front camera. The 4000mAh battery is heftier than its predecessor, so we’d hope that translates to more time for snapping, chatting, and swiping.

Optus crushes the competition, offering the S20 5G with 60GB data, and unlimited talk and text for $103.09 a month on a 24-month plan. 

Here are some other options, for those of you who hate saving money.

If you’d rather stick with a 4G for now, Woolworths is offering some awesome savings. You can save over $10 a month on a Woolies plan with 60GB data, unlimited talk and text and the option to save up to 100GB of unused data in your Data Bank.

Samsung Galaxy S20+

Oh baby, this is where it starts getting exciting. The S20+ has a 6.7-inch screen, four rear cameras (12MP + 64MP + 12MP + ToF) and a 10MP front camera. The battery comes in at 4,500mAh and is available in either 4G or 5G with 128GB or 512GB internal storage. Whichever you choose, that is not an insignificant number of nudes.

Optus slides back in, undercutting Vodafone by $9 a month on the 5G 128GB version. Get 60GB data and unlimited talk and text for $109.36 per month for 24 months.

Or you could try one of these.

If you’re not ready for 5G, Vodafone and Woolies put up a good fight, but the fresh food people come in victorious once again with their 60GB deal.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Listen up IG influencers, this is the one you want. The Samsung S20 Ultra is the top of the range with its 6.9-inch display, four rear cameras (108MP + 48MP + 12MP +ToF), and 40MP selfie camera. The Ultra is 5G capable and has a whopping 5,000mAh battery power. Snap it up with either 128GB or 512GB internal storage.

It might come as a surprise, but Woolworths has clenched this one. What can I say? They’re hard to beat.

Or, for all you non-conformists out there.

Anula Keenan is Associate Editor at WhistleOut Australia.

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