Apple Launched An Insta Account Specifically For Sharing Yr iPhone Mastery

Gigantic tech nerds Apple have started their own Instagram account with the handle, @apple.

Right now, the page features images shot exclusively with the iPhone by various photographers. Apple describe this as “a look through the lens of iPhone users around the world.” 

Every post contains 4 to 5 video slideshows, each showcasing a number of photos by different contributors. These aren’t necessarily professional photographers, either. Anyone who posts with the hashtag “#ShotoniPhone” can get involved with the project.

While the company have always had an Instagram presence for Apple MusiciTunesBeats 1iBooksCarpool Karaoke, and Planet of the Apps, it’s the first time they’ve had an account that represents their ridiculously massive brand overall.

Photography seems to be a big push for them, too, with this nifty little project complimenting the huge billboards that carry the “Shot on iPhone” phrase worldwide.

Given the reach of the popular social network and the fact that its purpose is to, you know, share photos, why did it take them so bloody long to start up an account? It could be because the two entities have had some beef in the past.

Apple’s senior vice president, Phil Schiller actually deleted his Instagram account in 2012 after the app was launched on the Android operating system. He reckons it had nothing to do with this, saying it just got “too big” for his liking. Sure, Phil.

You can suss out the account right here.

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