Oh Shit, Apple Dropped A Surprise iPhone & It’s A Delicious Shade Of Red

Normally there’s a whole bunch of pomp and circumstance around the unveiling of a new iPhone – i.e. a 90 minute presentation with many, many mentions of the word ‘sleek’ – but Apple‘s gone and announced a new look iPhone with nary more than a press release.

If the rose-gold colour of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus wasn’t loud enough for you, you can now score ’em in bright, bright red. Howsaboutit.
You might be familiar with PRODUCT(RED) – an initiative through which companies create red versions of their products, which they donate a portion of the profits to raising awareness of and fighting AIDS in Africa. They’ve done numerous products in red before, from iPods to Apple Watch wristbands, but this’d be the first iPhone to get the treatment.
It only comes in the larger two sizes – 128GB and 256GB – meaning if you were stinging for a 64GB red iPhone 7 you’re shit out of luck. Sorry pal.
Apple hasn’t confirmed how long the run of red iPhones will be, or how many they’ll be making. They’ve only confirmed to Mashable that’ll it be “a bunch”.

Get in there, son. It’s available from March 25.
Source: Apple.
Photo: Apple.