‘God Of War’ Reviews Are So Positive It’s Now The Highest-Rated PS4 Exclusive

As reported by GameSpot, the new God of War game is now the highest rated PlayStation 4 exclusive on Metacritic, and for good reason – it’s fucking incredible.

The title is currently tied with The Last of Us Remastered, but does draw from a wider range of scores. God of War has 90, while TLU is sitting at 69 (nice). In terms of first place for the console, Grand Theft Auto V is sitting there with a score of 97, which is certainly going to be tough to beat.

PlayStation has been hitting some huge home runs with its exclusive titles over the past few years, with 3 of them sitting in the top ten list for the console.

For those hazy on how Metacritic works, it rounds up a whole bunch of reviews from notable sources and creates an aggregate score from them. It’s a great way to gauge the wider community’s thoughts on games, TV shows, movies and more without having to travel to a million different websites.

Of the 90 reviews listed for God of War, a whopping 30 gave the game a perfect score, including IGN, Polygon, The Guardian, and the New York Daily.

Releasing on the 20th of April, the reworked Kratos must teach his son Atreus how to survive in the harsh world of Norse mythology, a departure from the franchise’s earlier setting based on Greek mythology.

God of War not only looks and plays amazingly, it tells a gripping story through the relationship of father and his son. Put this one on your must-play list, folks.