YIEW: The Percentage Of Women Playing AFL Is Gettin’ Up There Cazaly

Chicks are really stickin’ it to The Man this year – following the announcement of a Women’s AFL League (ugh, finally), more gals than ever are out kicking around the Sherrin.

The AFL have reported that the rate of female AFL players (of all ages) has spiked a massive 19% in the last year, bringing the percentage of chicks taking speckys up to 27% of all registered footy players in Australia.
As a woman who also plays AFL (both non-contact 9s and semi-contact charity games), knowing that a whole bunch of birds are out having a run around, taking marks, and kicking in from the 50 is bloody delightful. More babes playing footy, if you ask me. 

Swoopin in on the footy like
The Women’s AFL League will make it’s big debut next year, which is fkn grouse news to female footy fans who are looking for a bit of bloody representation on the national stage. 
There’s still a bit of an issue on whether the AFL is going to pay the players a fair amount, or even y’know, provide them with actual insurance. 
If anything, it’s more proof that the chicks are in it for the love of the game (and equality).
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Michael Wilson/Getty.