AFL Star Cops A Pizzling On Twitter For Forgetting The AFLW Is Also Football

One of the true uniting elements of the garbage website known as Twitter is an ill-informed Tweet with a good-ass ratio. As in, a Tweet so bad the amount of replies to it far outstrips any favourites or retweets. AFL club captain Scott Pendlebury is feeling the full brunt of that this morning, thanks to a particularly not good post.

Pendlebury, who captains the Collingwood Football Club in the men’s league, put up a poll early this morning brimming with excitement about the arrival of the AFL‘s extremely weird new experiment AFLX, which begins its fledgling, rectangular-shaped existence in earnest tonight in Adelaide.

Pendlebury, along with the AFL and Channel Seven it should be noted, pimped out the arrival of the AFLX by asserting that footy is finally back.

This, as you’d probably be aware, casually completely ignores the fact that the AFLW has been back for well over two weeks now.

Take a closer look at that tweet.

Ahhh yeah, that has all the makings of a bad ratio right there, my dude.

The replies are fairly uniform in their tone and content, all calmly reminding old mate – whose club does actually have a women’s team in the AFLW, for that matter – that women’s footy does indeed count as “real” footy, whether the marketing plan aligns with it or not.

You get the idea.

It’s worth noting that Channel Seven, who broadcasts the AFLW every weekend right now, has also taken the “footy is finally back” line this week in regards to the AFLX, a baffling, bastardised, corporately-monstered version of the game being launched by the AFL in some weird attempt to take our intensely weird but objectively awesome native sport global. And they’ve been doing so while virtually ignoring the women’s league entirely.

Still, y’know. It’s the real footy that’s finally back tonight. Rectangular fields. 40 metre arcs. LED light-up posts. Players kicking Zooper Goals™.

Bloody missed it. Been too long, etc.