Win A Trip To South Africa To Hang With Lions Or Drink Wine

Produced in association with our mates at Nando’s.

South Africa, much like Hansel, is so hot right now. 

The country is gaining traction as a global adventure capital – if there’s an extreme sport that entirely redefines what an extreme sport is, odds are you’ll find it in South Africa. With that being said, it still caters to those who are a bit more on the mild side of the fence, just like the legends at Nando’s
These aforementioned legends, as a part of their PERi-Perks campaign, are offering you the chance to win a VIP trip for two to South Africa – the heart and soul of Nando’s
~Fist pump~ 
They’ll fly you and a mate over, set you up in luxurious hotels and show you the delicious roots of where the Nando’s journey began. That’s one hell of a tasty history lesson right there. You’ll even get to tour the PERi-PERi Chilli farm as well as lunch at the very first Nando’s
To get y’all salivating over the idea, we thought we’d dish up some of the best things to do/see/eat in South Africa by stacking them against the penultimate tool of comparison, the PERi-ometer
You’re far more relaxed than those who need errythang to be hot, hot, hot. However, this doesn’t mean you lack wholehearted flavour. You’re tasty, scrumptious and fabulous in equal measure – werk it. 
Wine Tour 
Wine – a word that speaks for itself. 
Want to know what’s better than drinking great wine?

Drinking great wine in SOUTH AFRICA. 

After work dranks with the gals has nothing on intercontinental wine touring. As a matter of fact, nothing is better than intercontinental wine touring. 
South Africans have been making wine since the 1600’s so it’s safe to say it’s their noise. Several drops from the country are considered to be amazeballs, having won bulk accolades and praise from wankers. We know you don’t care about awards, or even drinking wine from a glass – pass ‘er the bottle and she’ll be right. 
Fantastic wineries can be found just outside of Cape Town so it’s best to set up shop around there. 
Boulders Beach 
As the name suggests, there’s a lot of boulders at Boulders Beach. They’re granite and they’re 540 million years old. So why would you want to go to Boulders Beach? Because… 
They’re cute AF and they’ve been keeping pretty busy.

The colony started with only two breeding pairs in 1982. Now there are more than 3000 of the little guys. Hubba-Hubba. 

Boulders Beach is located near Cape Peninsula, a short drive from Cape Town. Did someone say… ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Balance. You’re all about balance. You like exploring new things and sights but aren’t willing to put your life on the line. It’s either red or black on the roulette table because 50/50 is a reasonable bet. 
Any surfer worth their salt knows South Africa is one of the best places globally to ride an impressive set.

Without getting full-blown geography professor, this is mostly due to the way in which the coast has developed over the ages. Its composition consists of hundreds of points and bays that create the perfect environment for surfing (not that we needed to tell you that). 

Locations for banging surf include: Cape Peninsula, Eland’s Bay, Long Beach, Muizenberg, Buffels Bay and a shit-tonne more. 
Woodstock is so, like, happening RN. 
In all seriousness though, it’s popping off. 
Woodstock is considered to be the media-hub of Cape Town, the “Mother City” of South Africa. The architecture is composed of both Victorian-style houses and Manhattan-chic apartments – making it a hugely sought after location for fab photo-shoots and the like. 
Those who’ve set up shop (literally) have really shaken up things in the area. It’s not unusual to see a business juggling several different product categories or services – e.g. you can grab a coffee, buy a wall tapestry and ask the butcher for a lean piece of ostrich, all in the one place. 
You’re a spicy little thing with halfway decent understanding of your mortality. You live your life about 5CM from the edge and you’re cool with that. These South African experiences and tastes will be right up your alley. 
Paragliding and Hang-gliding 
If you want to take in some of South Africa’s stunning landscape but you’re not a fan of hiking/walking in general (we feel you), then paragliding or hang-gliding could be the alternative for you. 
The country’s often-scorching temperatures create more hot air than a 27 year-old Wall Street investor at Friday afternoon drinks. These thermal pockets have helped numerous paraglider and hang-glider pilots take the absolute piss out of previous distance records. 
There are truckloads of vendors dotted across the country who can get you gliding through the sky in no time. 
~To infinity and beyond~ 
Walkie Talkie 
You’ll either find the name of this delicacy hilarious or disgusting. A Walkie Talkie is a traditional South African dish involving chicken. Can you guess which parts it uses? 
Yep – it’s made up of the HEAD and the FEET of a chicken. Gross but lol. 
You’d need to be quite bold in order to raise hand to mouth in this instance, but word has it it’s incredibly tasty – and obviously quite crunchy. 
This delicacy, usually served in a curried stew with porridge, can be found in most rural townships. 
Jumping onto a moving train is just another day at the office for those daring enough to consume foods with “extra hot” in their description. Tastebuds? Who needs ‘em. You’re crazy AF and sure to enjoy these death-defying activities. 
Shark Cage Diving 
If you (FOR WHATEVER TWISTED/RIDICULOUS REASON) feel like taking a dip with sharks (LIKE HUGE, MONSTROUS SHARKS) then South Africa is the place for you. These aren’t itty-bitty sharks either, they’re the real McCoy. 
Great Whites, also know as “White Death” in certain pockets of the world (WHY WOULD YOU INTENTIONALLY SUBMERGE YOURSELF IN WATER WITH SOMETHING REFERRED TO AS WHITE DEATH?!), are the shark you’ll usually be chillaxing with. Reports have found that the Great White population of South Africa are especially aggressive so don’t come crying to us when you can’t get the poo stains out of your wet suit. 
If you’re truly hell-bent on inducing a heart attack then Shark Cage Diving can be arranged in all major cities along the coast. 
Crocodile Cage Diving 
Wanting to channel your inner Steve Irwin
Much the same as Shark Cage Diving, Crocodile Cage Diving involves being lowered into a clear pool of water in a bite-proof cage (YOU’D BLOODY HOPE IT’S BITE PROOF). These cages are specially designed to withstand the bite of a four metre long Nile crocodile, which exerts over two tonnesper square inch of its mouth – of bite pressure. FYI: that’s a casual four-times the bite pressure of a Great White.
Unlike Great Whites who’re only likely to eat you if they have a serious blonde moment, crocodiles really like: 
This results in a far more intense submerged encounter as they’ll literally try and kill you. 
Crocodile Cage Diving is on offer at Cango Wildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn
If South Africa’s sounding pretty darn good then simply scan your PERi-Perks card or app, and spend $15 or more between August 24th and October 18th 2015, to automatically go into the draw. 
Eat and win, people. Eat and win. 
Title image: Sandra Leidholdt, all images via Getty.