WATCH: This Beaut Short Film Captures The Pure Glory Of The ‘Circle Game’

If you’re reading this, I’m sorry to inform you all that you have lost. Every single one of you. I have typed this opening paragraph with one hand firmly clasped in an A-OK formation, on a keyboard that is being held below my waistline. Reading any of these words constitutes a loss of the game by proxy.
So while I tackle the Mount Everest of logistics needed in order to personally deliver a firm punch on the bicep to each and every one of you, you might well enjoy this.
The almighty circle game has long been a staple of competitive friendships; the thing that, perhaps more than anything, ensures people stay on their guards around mates at all times. Forever ready to either attack or defend.
But for those few, FEW (there’s probably a couple) who don’t understand what we’re talking about, the game works thusly: One person holds their thumb and forefinger in a circle, below waist-height (VERY IMPORTANT). Without motioning directly towards it, they attempt to get an acquaintance to look at it. Should they do so, one strike to the biceps is awarded. It can be defended, however, by successfully inserting an index finger through the open circle without shifting eye contact to it.
It is a game of patience, skill, finesse, peripheral vision, and motor skills. Truly, a game fit for kings.
And it has been immortalised forever in the form of this short film, ‘You Lose,’ from Melbourne-based legend Jesse Vogelaar, who in honour of the film’s release has self-declared this week to be International Circle Game Week.
Whilst an official declaration of that from any governing body might be a little hard to attain, we’re fucking well behind it 100%.

It’s a glorious week for all, dear friends. Stay on your toes.

Source: Jesse Voeglaar/Facebook.