WATCH: Poehler & Ferrell Open An Illegal AF Casino In ‘The House’ Trailer

I don’t know why but television always seems to make it look pretty easy and cool to get into a life of crime when you gotta make some cash to support your family. 

It’s a trope that’s done the rounds quite a bunch in the last few years, and as a format it just works. Likely so people like us who are afraid of getting in trouble can live vicariously through a weed dealer mum who just wants her kids to have a better life.
See, the way it goes is: 
1. Financial problem that directly affects loved one.
2. Turn to life of crime.
3. ?????
4. Everything works out!

What could possibly go wrong??????
Now the trailer for new show ‘The House’ has dropped, and this time Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell are dedicated parents, and realise that once their daughter gets accepted into college, that they actually can’t pay for it. They thought they had $401k stashed away in the bank, but turns out it’s actually a 401k account, which is – for anyone outside of the US that has NO idea wtf that is – a retirement savings account, like superannuation in Australia. Really, this story just proves that often parents are really bloody bad at being functioning adults.
Whatever will they do? Is it time to hope a rich benefactor drops off the perch? Burrow themselves deep into a pyramid scheme selling cosmetics or storage solutions?
No. They open a fuckin’ underground casino (very illegal) with their friend, Jason Mantzoukas (probably a criminal). 
Quickly descending into a life of heavy crime, their once extremely-vanilla home turns into a nest of debauchery and sin…with hilarious results.
Check out the trailer below because hot damn this could have been a steaming pile of shit if it wasn’t for the perfect pairing of Poehler and Ferrell – two people with comedic timings that go together like loaded dice.
Source: Flavorwire.
Photo: Comedy Central.