VUSH And KissKill Just Dropped A Sxc Lingerie Collab For V-Day & Someone Pls Hold My Bag

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Saddle up, beautiful people because last week we got word that KissKill and VUSH Australia had something exciting brewing and boy, did they deliver. Introducing the collab we wish happened sooner — a pastel lingerie collection to celebrate the fusion of two iconic brands paving the path to overcoming sexual shame and taboo.

With two spicy new sets, a crop and g-string combo, as well as a silky babydoll dress for bedtime or playtime (the choice is yours, bbs), you’ll be ready for anything the world throws at you (no, but for real, I swear having a matching set makes you unstoppable, it’s the OG lucky girl syndrome IMO!).

To sweeten the deal, each piece is also all adjustable in a bunch of different areas, allowing them to contour and change as your body does.

Whether you’re reading this for your own perusal or you’re in the market for a sneaky last-min V-day gift, this collection is everything.

Spell On You Set


VUSH X KissKill Spell On You Set, $247

I simply cannot see a world where this doesn’t SLAY. From the lacy baby blue colourway (that literally looks good on anyone) to the gorgeous demi-fit balconette cut and style of the bra — the whole thing can’t be described better than chef’s kisses, my friends. Sneaky bonus points for it also having an adjustable back-strap to account for those days on your period where you wake up to your boobs feeling two sizes bigger.

Also, quick heads up — each piece is sold separately, so you can either buy the whole set in tandem or just grab your fave pieces individually.

Lights On Bustier Set

VUSH X KissKill Lights On Bustier Set, $128

This purple suspender piece errs a little more on the spicy side, so if you’ve got some unconfirmed V-Day plans brewing, now’s the time to lock ’em in, besties. Alternatively, if you’re on the other side of the fence and reading this article to garner gift inspiration. My only word of advice is yes, add them to your cart. They’ll love it.

Crop + Adjustable G-String Combo


VUSH X KissKill Crop + G-String Combo, $84

For those of y’all who love comfies, this lingerie set was made for you. While it’s still sexy as hell, it’s a little more understated than some of the other styles in the capsule collection, making it prime for everyday wear. The g-string is also easily unclipped (do with that information what you will) and can be adjusted on either side to suit both hip and waist wear.

Slow Burn Silk Babydoll

VUSH X KissKill Slow Burn Silk Babydoll, $169

Made with 100% mulberry silk, this gorgeous spicy red slip offers a stunning cowl neckline and open-back design to accentuate all your damn fine qualities. Also, don’t limit this baby to the bedroom, it can absolutely be rocked on a night out, too!

Of course, VUSH Australia’s iconic vibrators are also being sold alongside the new collection, so if ya wanna complete the ultimate gift, here’s where to do it.

Happy shopping!