Vanishing Elephant’s Guide To Just About Everything

We recently asked the dudes from GQ-endorsed Sydney label Vanishing Elephant to pen us a no fuss guide to winter menswear. Instead, label custodians Huw Bennett, Felix Chan and Arran Russell wrote us a no fuss guide to winter life in general, earmarking the stores, drinks, jackets, meals and holiday destinations us men should indulge in before the mercury starts dwindling (right about now). Above and beyond, chaps. Above and beyond. If you appreciate the finer things in life (and by fine we mean thread count) read on for 15 ways to make your winter slightly more bearable…


Valier Brown Goat Leather Boot: Styled off the classic English wingtip our Autumn boot is made to be worn with woolen socks, tied all the way up for comfort and warmth. The goat leather is hard wearing and will age and wear gracefully to give an individual look for their owner. We’re in the process of wearing our ones in, just in time for their winter call of duty.

Amboy Denim Bib Shirt: Denim + cotton + buttons = choice shirt. We love chambray shirts, so when we added a little bib it got a whole lot better.

Thornton Wool Shawl Neck Knit: This mother is warm! This is quite likely one of our favourite Vanishing Elephant pieces of all time, feels like a loved one is cuddling you when you have it on.

Middleton Wool Coat: This season’s colour is brown and it looks nice. We run this fit every season and it’s always a winner. It’s around this time that we start turning up to work wearing the same coat, looks like the trend might continue with this one.


100% Virgin Wool Blanket: Am yet to touch this but it looks damn warm. Could also be that the photos look nice and we’re feeling impulsive?! [Buy Here]

Buzz Ricksons Deck Jacket: US Navy pieces perfected by the Japanese and that’s just the start of the story… [Buy Here]

Feit Desert Boot: Stitch-Down coloured with Vibram sole, made using a wild South African Antelope. [Buy Here]

Burkman Brothers Popover Shirt: The colours make us think of all things good. [Buy Here]

Nonnative Officer Pant: They look so comfortable we could wear them on Friday morning and remove them Sunday night. [Buy Here]

Bricks and Mortar Shopping
Man shopping isn’t that easy, but these two stores definitely help. The newly opened Meanwhile store in Elizabeth Bay is the modern man’s dream – great service, amazing product and a space to inspire (Shop 3, 31-33 Elizabeth Bay Rd Elizabeth Bay). The ever consistent Incu men’s store in the Galleries Victoria just keeps drawing us in, the shopping experience is always pleasurable and the product equally impressive. We particularly like the new Rittenhouse knits and Oliver Spencer jackets.

Thainatown. If you can’t find something to satisfy yourself here, it’s time to have a good look at yourself. Thainatown has managed to squeeze the best of all things thai into a mini space, it is so ridiculously cheap that you can almost tip in equal value to your meal.

Mac’s – Black Mac. To enjoy this drink you’ll need the following, testicles + a rug + a dark room + a salty snack of some description. This beer is so good I’m trying to work out how to be a functioning alcoholic.

Travel and visit
Fly to Hobart (on Qantas) to visit the MONA Gallery (Museum of Old and New, get it). This recently opened gallery is owned by a gambling mathematician and boasts the best independent art collection in Australia, that sentence in its self sounds quite impressive. If you have some extra dime look at the accommodation available at the Pavilions, the gallery’s partnered accommodation looks nothing short of amazing.

Man Needs
After a hard smelly day, there’s nothing better then going home stripping off and jumping in the shower for a good lather up (this is serious). Aveda’s man shampoo body bar is your ideal companion during this time.