Vagina Art Made Of Fox Fur Upsets PETA

Not surprisingly PETA are not thrilled about the idea of using the fur of innocent foxes for vaginal decor – an idea devised by Real Housewives of New York City alum Cindy Barshop.

For those who don’t watch The Real Housewives (and if not I recommend it) Cindy is the owner of a spa franchise called Completely Bare famous for revolutionary vagina-associated beauty treatments including the “Vajewel” and the “Vatoo”. The latest innovation – the “Foxy Bikini” – is a $225 treatment whereby real fox fur is affixed to the vagina as a sort of luxury merkin. What are PETA’s thoughts on this?

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said “It’s outright sleazy, and it’s downright cruel to kill an animal to decorate your privates.”

Agreed. Plus, why on earth would you pay money to ADD hair to your nethers?

Via Styleite