Urban Decay Have Made The Most Epic Naked Palette Vault & It’s Coming To Oz

Start buttering up the relative who spends the most money on you at Christmas, ‘cos there’s a DOOZY of a makeup vault coming from Urban Decay.

For anyone not in the know (wot) Urban Decay became known as the primo brand when it comes to eyeshadow years back, over the launch of their first Naked palette. It had every nude shade you could ever want in it, and they were all super soft and super wearable.

Since then, the brand has expanded their palettes four times over (not counting the many smaller ‘basics’ versions), as well as making bank with the whole Naked line in general – it now has everything from barely-there foundations to impeccably natural looking highlighters.

But the shadows will always be the coveted collectibles, and now – if you haven’t got ’em all – you can now buy the entire range in one huge, Christmas-tree-worthy box. Mates, welcome to the Naked vault for Christmas 2017.

Source: Supplied

Titled Naked 4Some, this guy features Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and the brand spankin’ new Naked Heat. And we’ve gotten the scoop from Mecca that it’ll land in Aussie stores on November the 9th, retailing at a cool $298.

While the brand’s definitely done some epic vaults in the past, this is the perf opportunity to bag yourself all the current palettes in one hit. Or gift it to a friend. One you really, really like. And even then maybe… take one palette out for yourself?

So yeah, either start saving those $$$ or beg Nan. Maybe send her the Mecca link too. Actually, just take her directly to store – you know how oldies are with the internet.