Round Up Yr Best Old Clothes ‘Cos Uber Is Delivering Donations To Red Cross For Free This Sat

It’s time to whip out the mysterious sack of old clothes from under your bed ‘cos Uber is partnering with Red Cross to help Aussies donate their quality clothes this Saturday.

I have a neatly ironed pile of clothes sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe and honestly, it’s been there for an embarrassingly long time. Every time I open my wardrobe it calls out: “Please, Kathleen, donate me!” but then I shut my wardrobe door and promptly forget it exists.

Surely there are other people in the same boat and it’s not just me being incredibly lazy?

Luckily, this Saturday 19 November, Uber is shouting the fare so you can donate your clothes to a grand old cause. It’s Uber and Red Cross’s fourth Clothing Drive and they’re hoping to score 55,000 kilos of quality donations.

It’s quite literally a hefty goal.

The Clothing Drive works via Uber Package. If you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or Brissy, from 10am to 4pm local time you’ll be able to sling your clothes in the back of an Uber. They’ll then be delivered to a Red Cross shop and donated.

There are a couple of steps to this.

First off, pop your bits and bobs into a bag or box which is no heavier than 20kg. Then open up the Uber app, select the “Package’ button, go to “Send a Package” and pop “Red Cross Clothing Drive” in the location. You’ll be able to see all the Red Cross Clothing Drive options near you.

There’ll also be a Clothing Drive banner in the app which you can click too.

The cost should come to a whopping zero dollarydoos. Wahoo!

You can only do this once on the app, so make sure all your eligible wares are ready to go when the driver arrives.

Obviously don’t send a load of rags: the Red Cross is after good quality, clean clothes and accessories as donations. FYI, it doesn’t accept homewares or undies so don’t toss in your grandma’s candlesticks or brasiers.

The Red Cross is hoping to get a bunch of resources to prepare for this summer so it can respond to bushfires and floods.

“Disasters are becoming more frequent and intense in Australia, and it’s so important that we are ready to respond,” Australian Red Cross head of retail Richard Wood said.

“By donating high quality, clean clothing and accessories via the Uber and Red Cross Clothing Drive, people in Australia can help Red Cross to support people and communities in vulnerable situations.” 

A bunch of celebs have also gotten involved, with Hamish Blake and Andy LeeAsh Barty and The Wiggles popping signed merch on eBay to raise money for the campaign.

Now you legit have no excuse to ignore your pile of clothes just crying out to be donated.