All Hail Timm Hanly, The Undisputed Style God Of This Year’s ‘Bachelorette’

timm hanly

The Bachelorette is a wonderful show, but unlike the OG Bachelor, the men are generally lacking in the fashion department. To put it simply, there’s only so many times I can look at a man in a plain blue suit before I’m literally falling asleep on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in my lap.

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Thankfully, this year’s favourite and the obvious winner of Angie’s heart, Timm Hanly, is a total style icon.

I’m a sucker for a man that’s not afraid to show a little creativity and personality in their dress sense, so obviously Timm was my immediate choice for Angie as soon as he entered the mansion.

Although his name is just an obviously misspelled way of writing ‘Tim Hanley’, I’ll give it to him. The boy’s got style. And if you’re a man looking for some style tips, keep reading because Timmy boy has proved that it’s all in the details, baby.

Let’s start with our first ever photo of him. It looks like a plain ol’ suit like every other guy in the house, right? Wrong. Look at that tie detail and the finger bling. It’s the first shot of the entire season and Timm has already solidified his position as the effortlessly cool tattooed beach boy that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries.

timm hanly

I don’t really have a specific order here, so we’re going to jump to another iconic suit lewk. WHAT IS THIS. The straight(ish) hair! The half-up-half-down look! The purple suit! He’s pushing so many boundaries with this look, and honestly I think his confidence and lack of toxic masculinity is what has won him brownie points with Angie.

The half-up, half-down style is so effortlessly cool. He somehow looks like he’s come straight in from a surf, and straight of the catwalks of New York Fashion Week all at once. How does he do it? I need answers.

Honestly, kudos to Timm (or his stylist) for managing to pull off so many wild suits in only four episodes. I hope he doesn’t run out of show-stopping numbers because I’m going to be really disappointed if we get to episode 8 and he’s wearing a black tux or something.

There are so many patterns going on here, they SHOULD clash, but somehow he just looks really put together. It takes real effort to match patterns like this. In my opinion, it shows that he cares about his appearance and isn’t just chucking on the same suit he wore to his brother’s wedding in 2009.

tim hanly suit

And last but certainly not least, we need to acknowledge the braid moment. Obviously, your eyes are drawn to the braids, but Timm is serving some serious lewks right here. The matching shirt/tie combo is perfection, he’s back with his signature plaid suit look, and to top it all off he gives us BRAIDS. We are simply unworthy.

timm hanly

But that’s enough of the suits. Every man on the planet can pull off an expensive suit. What I’d really like to talk about is his effortlessly cool casual style. I’m going to kick it off with arguably one of my favourite looks he’s given us. The pirate.

The faded jeans, the unbuttoned shirt, the “I woke up like this” bun and the chunky rings make this look WORK. He’s bringing together traditionally feminine elements like the bun and the jewellery, but then also giving us the exposed tatty and the crispy white shirt. STYLE GOD.

Honestly, I kinda hope he doesn’t win Angie’s heart because I just want to see him serve some more looks as next season’s Bachelor.

timm hanly

We’re four episodes deep, and I’ve officially decided that it’s Timm’s divine use of accessories that makes him a style king. I’m usually not a fan of the bandana trend, but somehow this bandana/sweat-band look works. Paired with a baggy striped shirt, Timm looks like he’s ready to do some heavy lifting or put together Angie’s flat-pack furniture. 10/10 digging this look.

I’m not quite sure what a “fireproofer” is, but it sounds like Channel 10’s way of hiding the fact that Timm definitely works at the General Pants Co at your local Westfield. This denim jacket is a huge winner. Strategic rips make him look edgy and cool without exposing his leg hair or questionable thigh tattoos. And don’t even get me started on the khaki shirt, serving up some serious safari guide vibes.

Obviously, I couldn’t write a story on Timm’s iconic style without referencing the lobster, could I? Ignoring the fact that he’s dressed up as a fucking crustacean, this look reminds me that Timm is single-handedly making guyliner cool again. Is it because I’m still stuck in my My Chemical Romance phase? Well, yeah probably. But still, guyliner is cool again. You heard it here first.

timm hanly lobster

Like a fine wine, Timm’s style gets better with time. Last night’s single date look is my favourite of the season so far. Timm is our festival prince, I imagine him and Angie moving to Byron Bay and opening a juice-mobile that travels around to music festivals with their long-haired kids in the back of the van. So obviously this look was a total winner for me.

He’s got the man-bun, the train conductor hat, the perfectly baggy jeans and the white jacket. Men, take notes. Girls, if your boyfriend dresses like a slob, just go to General Pants and buy him this whole damn outfit.