Time To Get A Pet Pig: The NSW RSPCA Is Holding A $29 All-Species Pet Sale

Drop whatever you were doing this weekend, because RSPCA NSW is having a sale this weekend and every doggo, kitty-cat, pigger and other, lesser animal is going for a fuck-off low price of $29.
Twenty-nine dollarydoos. For a friend for life. There has never been a worse time to not live in NSW.

Scheduled for February 24th-26th, the state-wide sale comes at a time when NSW shelters are overflowing with beautiful, innocent animals who want nothing more than to be your new best friend.
According to RSPCA spokesperson Stefania Kubowicz, some of these animals have spent more than 100 days in the system and the RSPCA is now desperate to find them a safe, permanent home:
“A lot of our shelters are quite full, especially with kitten season, so we really just want to see our animals go to new homes.” 

 “Ideally we’d like to have them [shelters] empty by the end.”
The will be no limits to species, size or age, so for the price of a couple of schooners you could get a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, goat, sheep or even the smartest and cheekiest of all animals, the noble pig.

Animals will still come desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked, and while there sale will make it easier for people to finance the new purchase normal adoption procedures will still apply.
This also means that the reduced adoption rates won’t mean an increased number of returned animals, as Kubowicz explains:
“Apart from the normal processes we go through to make sure the animals go to great homes, we don’t see a higher return rate.”

“A few people have been concerned we’ll see more animals come back [because of the sale price] but the evidence is they don’t.” 
And while it’s natural to expect baby animals to go first, Kubowicz stressed the advantages of taking home older animals, who are less high-needs, have usually been trained and often need less exercise.

So NSW folk, if you have the time, love and housing requirements, get out to your closest care centre and pick up your new bff. 
There is zero chance of them making you anything less than unbelievably happy.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Twitter / RSPCA.