A YouTuber Has Gone Viral On TikTok After She Realised She Fucked Up Her Dune Red Carpet Dress

tefi pessoa viral dress mishap dune red carpet tiktok

You ever see something and feel such a deep level of second-hand embarrassment that reaches right down into the pit of your stomach while also making the back of your neck feel red hot? Yeah, this is one of those moments. YouTuber Tefi Pessoa is blowing the fuck up on TikTok after she shared the truly devastating (and painfully funny) revelation that she fucked up her big moment at a red carpet premiere by not wearing her dress the way it was made to be worn.

Oh god, this hurts me deep in my soul but I also can’t stop laughing.

Tefi was interviewing the stars at the Dune premiere in London this week, wearing a gorgeous gown by Silvia Astore, and it wasn’t until well after the fact that she realised she had totally worn the dress wrong.

You see, the dress here is not meant to have a big hole in the side like the cut-out dresses that were all the rage in the late 2000s, you’re meant to put your whole leg through it for bulk spice.



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So instead of having an iconique Angelina Jolie-at-the-2012-Oscars moment at one of the biggest premieres this decade, Tefi had more of a Regina-George-sabotaged-singlet moment. You, quite truly, cannot make this up.

Let’s take a closer look here, because the gown is meant to be worn like this, serving high thigh energy.

And not like this, which is more of a peek-a-boo, peep hole situation.


But you know what? It works. Tefi 1000% pulls this off, even if it suddenly radiates 2009 energies. Sure, she was blissfully unaware that she’d popped her gown on wrong, but that same innocent naivety became a blind confidence to walk the red carpet with a gaping hole in the side of her dress.

And anyway, if there’s any event where you can accidentally fuck up your own outfit but just roll with it unawares, the premiere for a trés futuristic blockbuster is probably the safest bet. Surely other people were in weirder, avant-garde garb to try and instil the science fiction vibe or look like a long-lost relative of the Atreides family.

Still, it’s funny as fuck and Tefi’s 100% just in wanting to crawl into a hole and die about it. I would too.