This Bull Shark Is Yr Friendly Reminder To Stay Out Of QLD Floodwaters

In case you’d missed it, Queensland has been copping a few showers today in the wake of a li’l meteorological visitor by the name of Debbie.
Not content with destroying houses and murdering defenceless birds (Feathers McFuck, forever in our memories), now-ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie has been travelling the coast, raining so hard as to close schools throughout the state, strand a bunch of people in floodwater, turn hillsides into fully sick slip n’ slides, and wash up an actual shark. 
The Queensland Fire & Emergency Service tweeted these spectacular photos of a bull shark that washed up in Ayr.

RIP little mate. And in case you were under any illusions that flood waters might be kind of fun to go into: no. They are probably full of sharks.
Any weather event that not only makes the BOM radar look like this…
not for the first time, i find myself longing to live in Blackbutt
…but also plonks a shark directly in the middle of a road like some kind of extremely Sharknado-themed mob message – well, that weather event can kindly get fucked
You heard me, Debbie. Just fuck off
Source and image: Twitter / @QldFES.