The Falcon And Commodore Facing Extinction

Strewth! One of Australia’s most celebrated rivalries looks doomed with Holden and Ford announcing that their respective Commodore and Falcon models are scheduled to be phased out by 2016. Both companies are blaming a customer shift towards four-cylinder cars as the reason for dumping their iconic models.

Where this leaves the true-blue car loving Aussie bloke is unclear. The Ford/Holden rivalry is sure to endure in some manner but it’s hard to see the rev-heads of tomorrow getting behind a Barina vs Focus war with the same gusto. It will also have very real ramifications for workers, with the Ford and Holden factories in Melbourne facing an uncertain future as both companies evaluate what will replace the outgoing models and where they will be manufactured.

We raise a warm tinnie. We will not forget.


via the Daily Telegraph
Picture via Cars Guide