The Best New Boutique Hotel In Bali Comes C/O The Ex-Ksubi Guys

When you picture a Bali tropical vacay, you generally imagine your accom to be a tropical wonderland with stunning Balinese style architecture and interiors. One thing literally no-one would associate with Bali is Brutalism, the architecture style that generally uses raw concrete and block-like elements (think Sydney‘s UTS building). 
Yet that’s exactly the kind of style ex-Ksubi m8s Gareth Moody and George Gorrow, along with Moody’s wife Cisco, have gone for in their new partnership, a luxury boutique hotel titled The Slow and accompanying menswear label exclusively available there, Non-Type, in current Bali hot-spot Canggu. And weirdly, it totally works in a painfully-cool kind of way. 
Our inspiration was really a clash of things,” says Cisco. “We were inspired not just by Brutalism, but also modern tropical Brazilian architecture, New York gallery spaces and photo studios, as well as simple, open-air island living.”
Given Brutalism was at it’s peak as an architectural style during the 60’s and 70’s, the place has that whole throwback kind of feel, which they’ve pumped up to 100 with interior decor using materials like cane and mid-century style furniture. 
“The design is made up of very simple clean lines, so for me, the use of textures from Bali over the basic shape was really the core concept to the design. We used an abundance of different treatments and locally sourced, locally made materials… it was very important it felt like an island home,” said Cisco.
Everything about The Slow is heavily curated by the Gorrow’s, from the music, which was created by LA up-and-comers Allah-las as Reverberation Radio and is designed to intro guests to new sounds and artists, to the art, which is all from their private collection.
What they’re most proud of with the final design is the overall clash of elements and themes. Someone visiting might find themselves in a suite featuring natural textures and colours – like man-made stone walls, rattan weave furniture and linen cheesecloth curtains. 
But once they step outside their room, they’re immediately transported into a space full of stark, white walls with ultra clean lines – there are even military beds placed amongst terrariums and cane armchairs. 
“Somehow i feel we have balanced it all. It feels a little experimental, and that to me is what most interesting and exciting thing about the project,” says Cisco.
The Slow suites run between $200 and $300 per night, and you can grab more info from their seriously chic site right here. Wish you had the spare $$$ to book a spontaneous flight to Bali and stay there for weeks on end? Why not hit up our Set For Life comp right here – you could win $20k: 
Images: The Slow.