The 17 Y.O. Shark Attack Victim’s Showin’ Off His Wounds & We’re Queasy Tbh

The beaches in and near Ballina, including Lighthouse Beach, have been closed for the past day, due to a horrendous shark attack that left one person badly injured. 
The person was 17-year-old Cooper Allen. He ended up in Lismore Base Hospital after a shark decided that he looked a bit tasty. 
He was attacked at around 9am, and a 3½ metre Great White Shark was seen in the area just afterwards.

He was in good spirits even after the attack; Cooper allegedly even asked other surfers not to tell his mum about what had happened. 
Plus, the teenager didn’t even need surgery on his thigh, despite it looking like Swiss cheese. He just got stitched up, and is now showing off his injuries like a total, absolute legend. 
Look at him! Happy as Larry, despite having four big ol’ holes in his leg:
(CW: please be aware that these photos are pretty ruddy gory.)

Glad you’re feeling alright Cooper! Dunno what you did to have so much good karma stored up mate, but whatever it was – keep it up. Lucky bugger.
Source / Photo: Twitter.