‘It’s A Fuck No From Me’: Tanya Hennessy Calls Out Brands That Only Stock Up To Size 14 In Store

The conversation around the lack of size inclusivity has become louder but still, the powers that be at clothing brands don’t seem to be listening.

Size inclusivity is something that we can never seem to get right.

Brands either don’t have a decent enough range of sizes or they produce the range, but don’t stock all sizes in stores.

Aussie comedian Tanya Hennessy experienced this during a recent shopping trip and she vented her frustrations in a TikTok that’s been doing the rounds.

Tanya filmed the video in her car after visiting a store (that shall not be named — although it really doesn’t need to be, considering so many brands are guilty of this).

“I went into a shop, I won’t say the name, and said, ‘Do you have this in a 16?’ and they were like, ‘We have everything 16-24 online.’

“Right, why? Can people who are 16-24 not come into your shop? We’re not welcome? It’s a no from me.”

She then pointed out, “But you’ve got it online though, so you want our money, but we’re just not good enough to be in the shop.”

“It’s a FUCK no from me,” she poignantly concluded.

Well fucking said, doll.


It’s a fuck no from me

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“I refuse to let it ruin my day, I don’t let anything get in the way of my writing or anything else I’m doing ‘cos then they win,” she told PEDESTRIAN.

“But it’s pretty shitty to feel less than when you’re just existing.”

She told us that there are some stores she doesn’t even bother visiting ‘cos she knows their size range only goes up to a 14.

“I’ve even been to shops and the shop assistants have said ‘earrings / accessories / shoes up the back’,” she recounted.

“The other thing [that bothers me] is when the curve or plus-sized stuff isn’t with the other clothes, it’s on its own rack. It’s so strange.”

“Why have it away from the other sizes? WHY!? What the actual fuck is that about,” she said, adding: “I just buy online to save myself.”

The lack of size diversity isn’t the only thing that brands are fucking up. There’s also size inconsistency where you’ll be one size in one store and another in a different store.

“It’s super annoying,” she said. “I’ll be on a shoot and I’ll tell them I’m a 14/16, then they get a 14 and I cant even fit it at all.

“I style myself for this very reason. I find it to be an awesome, fun and creative expression, too. It’s hard to find stylists who are able to style plus-sized people but this is changing, mind you!”

She went on to list brands that are making great strides in size inclusion.

“There are some brands doing some incredible things, like SELKIE, they do such sick stuff and it goes to a 6x,” she pointed out.

“There’s also Fayt by my Newcastle sister Brittney Lee Saunders.

“Brittney is a small business compared to the conglomerates that exist and her clothes go up to, I believe, 26 in her stores. So why can’t more stores offer this? If it’s not a money / budget thing, then what is it? Straight up exclusion?

“Most companies are at least conscious of the fact that they need to be catering to more sizes, but that consciousness NEEDS to turn into action.

“People just want to be able to wear fun, cute stuff. That’s the beginning, middle and end of the story.

“The issue I have is brands can’t seem to understand that plus-size doesn’t always have to be tops with weird slogans on them. ‘PARIS’ or ‘Paradise’ on a shirt? Fuck me… Just size up your other stuff!

“Please include us. We have money to spend and we want to spend it on your clothes. Let us. Include us.”

During our chat, Tanya pointed out that “my body is the least interesting thing about me” and although she didn’t ask to be a body positive activist, she feels the need to say something.

“A lot of people think I’m body positive, but I’m just body existing,” she said.

Tanya will be speaking at the All About Women Festival in March at the bodies that positivity left behind panel.

When it comes to body positivity, Tanya says: “I’m still figuring it all out to be honest, I’m really not there yet with my body… it’s complex.”

She concluded by encouraging folks to “find some fierce body positivity and / or plus-size creators to follow. They will always uplift you and make you feel seen and heard. Also, support brands that support you.”