Sweet Lord Look At This Unholy ‘World Nutella Day’ Pancake-Eating Challenge

Some of you maniacs clearly already have this date circled in triplicate on your calendars, but for those of you still unaware of the most unholy holiday that is rapidly approaching, take note:
This Sunday, February 5th, is officially World Nutella Day.
So while you take some time out of your day to prepare your hazelnut shrine in accordance to tradition, you should know that there’s an interesting and possibly very free observance you can take part it. Provided you have the stomach for it, of course.
Nutella-fiends/certified lunatics Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Sydney dedicates their lives to Frankenstein-ing sugary affronts to god together, like balancing Nutella-filled doughnuts on top of Nutella milkshakes, or Nutella-soaked eclairs deep-fried in Nutella oil and suspended in mid-air using Nutella-infused quantum levitation (presumably).
You can add to that their latest diabolical creation: the Tella Tower.
6 fluffy, enormous pancakes stacked on top of each other, utterly fucked up with lashings of Nutella in between each layer, topped with vanilla bean gelato, and coated again in Nutella, just to erase all doubt as to what the hero of this dish is.
The dessert bar is slinging these up all day Sunday, and if you can somehow finish that which disproves religion inside 10 minutes, you won’t have to pay a cent for it.

The bar is donating $2 for every pancake challenge gamely taken up to the Dulwich Hill Emanuel Tsardoulias Library, so at the very least your soul can feel good while your body writhes in agony.
If you’re interested, we highly suggest heading to Tella Balls’ Dulwich Hill location on Sunday. But for the love of god have an exit strategy, because there’s not a chance in hell you’ll be able to walk home.
All praise be to the cocoa nutty spread.
Source: Supplied.