A highly-scientific “demographically-based” survey using quantifiable, empirical evidence like ‘which emoji best represents your #feels?’ has found that one in four youths experience social media shame after posting a necessary YOLO update that they later feared could jeopardise the current or future job prospects. Basically, Future Employment FOMO.

Of the one thousand surveyed American youths aged 18 to 34, some 29% responded that they experienced retrospective regret, with 74% later removing the offending material; backtracking and editing their online personal brand to avoid a “negative reaction” from a prospective employer.

Only 36% of surveyed adults aged 35 to 64 reported deleting content after much-maligned introspection, probably because the remaining 64% do not know what the social medias are. 

For more on social media regret in practice as seen through the no filter prism of real life, see Harper’s Bazaar.

via Mashable