Two more Australian youths were detained by police overnight after they were caught embracing wholeheartedly the ancient new trend for unabashed nudity at the ancient Peruvian citadel Machu Picchu.

Despite – or because of – recent concerted efforts made by the Peruvian Culture Ministry to curb a spate recent naked “crimes against culture” on penalty of expulsion from Machu Picchu, the two Australians, aged 22 and 24, using a camcorder and two Canadians using iPhones shed their polar fleeces and unbecoming cargo pants to partake of a nude photo shoot; throwing their shame, caution and regard for the sacrosanctity of a time-honoured peoples’ cultural heritage site to the sweet Andean wind. 

The men, like their salchichas (a sausage in Peru) were then detained for “several hours”. 

Reports AFP: “it is not immediately clear if the four men acted together, separately or individually” – if their naked hijinks were as elaborately choreographed as Magic Mike or if they were merely a serendipitous moment of united nudity converging at a perfect apex somewhere above the clouds. 

via The ABC

Photo: Chris Bouroncle via Getty