Naked Australians Inspire Trend For Nude Tourism, Increased Security At Machu Picchu

Perhaps sensing that nothing is more corrosive to the touch than dewy Antipodean sex organs on stone as old as time itself, Peruvian authorities have reportedly stepped up surveillance at the iconic Incan citadel Machu Picchu amid fears of the threat posed by the latest in travel trends: unabashed, unshrinking nudity.
According to a recent report in the Guardian, a spate of stripping triggered by two antipodean travellers – a 30-year-old New Zealander and an 18-year-old Australian – who dropped trou and whose butt selfies went viral on Peruvian social media has, for want of a better phrase, triggered a landslide of recent naked exploits – including this video of a couple streaking across the citadel’s principle plaza, notable for its running commentary and the guard giving spirited chase.
Cusco’s newly-appointed regional director of culture, Ricardo Ruiz Caro, recently announced that park guards will be increasing surveillance to “avoid these unfortunate events that threaten cultural heritage” and to deter tourists from taking “forbidden [photographs] of this magnitude.” Notes the Guardian, “it is possible that travellers have long felt the urge remove their clothes at Machu Picchu – perhaps inspired by its dramatic setting and history of spiritual ceremony.”

Perhaps travellers have also long felt the urge to remove their clothes at Machu Picchu inspired by the sweet caress of a brisk Andean zephyr on their liberated jizz balloons; also, guaranteed +20 Likes.
Photo: Chris Bouroncle via Getty