Byron Bay-based bohemian luxe brand Spell, which has a rabid cult following that sees new collections sell out every launch day, has blessed us all by branching out into fashion rental.

Dubbed Sister to Sister, the platform — which lives on the GlamCorner fashion rental site — is a huge step in a sustainable direction for Spell fanatics, meaning they can still get their hands on their fave pieces while reducing the amount of new fashion they’re buying, and therefore contributing to the circular fashion economy.

(What is circular fashion you ask? Well, we’ve explained it right HERE. Renting clothes is a huge part of the circular fashion movement, as it reduces manufacturing and fashion landfill and means we’re consuming clothing more sustainably.)

Spell has long been huge with buy/swap/sell groups, with fans of the brand taking to Facebook to resell their items or swap them for other pieces, so co-founder Lizzy Abegg points out that the idea to launch a rental platform was informed by this reuse-recycle mentality.

“Spell are very excited to play our part when it comes to moving towards a circular economy,” Abegg said in a statement. “[We’re] inspired by our community, who have always led us with their passion to buy, swap and sell our pieces, we are now offering a new solution to accessing our collections whilst decreasing the size of your wardrobe and your environmental impact on the planet.”

The Sister to Sister platform will feature a capsule collection of 48 pieces available to hire, with items from current collection and much-sought after faves from the archives, too.

If you haven’t rented fashion before, the process is super easy: you select the item you want to borrow, it gets sent out to you and you return it in a prepaid postage back after a set date. Basically it means you’re not filling up your wardrobe / the environment with a wedding guest frock you’re going to wear exactly once.

Image: Instagram / @maya_gyspy via @spell