Sean Spicer Called The PM “Trumble” As If Malc’s Week Couldn’t Be Any Worse

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, arguably holds the position in US politics which is least deserving of household recognition. I’d ask you to name Obama’s Press Secretaries, but there’s a fair chance you can’t (I looked it up, he had three: Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney, and Josh Earnest. Store that one away for a pub trivia night down the road).
And yet here we are, with Spicer’s name being bandied about the press almost on-par with figurehead US President Donald Trump and secret real President Steve Bannon.
The White House media attack dog has served as a media mouthpiece for the airing of all Trump’s grievances with the media, justified or not (mostly not), and the President’s latest bout of Prime Ministerial posterising has drawn Australian politics media into Spicer’s web.
Following yesterday’s unbelievable revelation that Trump spat fire at Malcolm Turnbull down the phone over Obama’s previous refugee resettlement deal, and then hung-the-fuck-up on the goddamned Prime Minister of Australia, Spicer was in damage control earlier this morning, trying to ease the crinkled brow of what was previously the world’s easiest diplomatic relationship.
Oh yeah, and he did so by casually referring to the PM as “Prime Minister Trumble.”


That clearly went under the radar of everyone, right? I mean it’s not like people would- oh, wait. Yep, they’ve making jokes pretty much constantly since then.

Oh boy. This is some shitty week poor old Trumble’s had.

Maybe break out the Grange and a Charles Mingus LP tonight, Malc. Take your mind off things. We’ve all been there.

Source: Twitter.