Samsung Enters The Beauty Gadget Game With Sci-Fi Skin-Scanners In 2017

Samsung they’ve had a rough year.

Who could forget when their prized smartphone, the Note 7, was recalled and forcibly banned from flights worldwide after a few of ’em started to explode? Craziness.
But the South Korean tech giant is truly embracing the adage “new year, new you,” and is debuting two new high-tech beauty products at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Showcase next month. 

“What are they?!” we hear beauty junkies splutter through their thoroughly-exfoliated and Baume de Rose‘d lips.
The first (undoubtably pricey) product is called the Lumini, which sends pictures of your skin to an app on your phone to be processed. 
Here, it’ll detect pimples, freckles, increased pores, wrinkles, redness, and sebum. It’ll also point you in the direction of products and dermatologists who can help you ward these pesky problems right off. 
like a high-tech slug
The second product sure to make Mecca-truthers happy is the S-Skin. It’s a little thingymabob that measures skin hydration, redness and melanin, then delivers LED light to the skin to improve these ailments. You use it while wearing eye and skin patches that sync up to the S-Skin and use “microneedles” to firm, lift and whiten the skin. Like so:
it’s even soothing just to watch
If that all sounds a little too much for you, money and effort-wise, remember: dermatologists almost always recommend Cetaphil and chill. 
Source: Vocativ.
Photo: Samsung.