Even Though My Soul Knows It’s Wrong, I Really Want These Saint Laurent X Havaianas Thongs

I am old enough to remember the time in the 00s when Havaianas were *the* footwear of choice for summer. Forget sandals or sneakers, if you weren’t repping brown Havvys you weren’t cool. Then, the thongs were rumoured to be making a fashion return – and now there’s a Saint Laurent collab, it’s official. Havianas are back, baby.

[jwplayer rTF3OJ2v]

Yes, the Saint Laurent x Havaianas thongs are going to set you back a pretty penny. Guys, it’s Saint Laurent. What did you expect? If anything it’s cheaper than I envisioned – the collab flip flops will cost you around $72AUD. Which is far more than a standard pair but far less than, say, the envelope clutch from the brand.

The thongs feature zebra print on the base, with black straps and a black side.

If you want them, you’re sort of NOT in luck. The thongs are only available in Miami, Paris and on the Saint Laurent US store.

Maybe beg your Euro tripping mates for them? Or just… look at them and remember your youth where Havaianas ruled the world? Or buy just plain black Havvys? IDK, there’s options.