Romance Was Born Vs Del Kathryn Barton

Remember the kid in Kindergarten that always used all the texta’s, ribbons, crayons, and sparkles on their pictures leaving everyone else scrambling for the sub-standard colours such as brown and mustard? Romance Was Born’s Luke and Anna were most likely those kids. Their designs revel in an excess of materials and colour and continually blur the lines behind fine art and fashion.

It seems fitting that Romance Was Born launched their 2nd collaboration with One of Australia’s most lauded emerging artists Del Kathrn Barton at Sydney’s Kaliman Galleries last week. The one-off range is entitled the Garden of Eden and will be featured at the National Design Centre (Melbourne) as part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival program from early March – May 2008.

Keep a trainspotting eye on the designs because you never know which style icon would be caught wearing them in the future. Karen O, M.I.A and Lily Allen have already taken a shining to Romance Was Born’s unmistakable pieces.

Photo by Ryan Pierse for Getty Images.