Romance Was Born Unveil Their Secrets for a Perfect Summer

Produced in association with our mates at Coca-Cola.

Summer is all about colour. You know that, we know that, Coca-Cola know that. Which is why we teamed them up with technicolour duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett (AKA Romance Was Born) to ensure your summer is more colourful than a unicorn vomiting up a rainbow.

We got Luke to take five and talk about the chicest summer t-shirt you’ll ever win/own and everything he loves about the coming summer months.

Describe your perfect summer day from the moment you wake up til the moment you go to sleep.

One of those days were everything just rolls out before you, not needing to go home to change or organise anything……. Taking the day as it comes.

Where did you get the inspiration for this piece?
A vintage Hawaiian shirt that Anna wears to the office sometimes when it’s really hot, we liked the idea of the brush strokes looking like waves.

What’s your summer soundtrack?
Love songs all summer long, care free tunes ……. Nothing to bring you down.

What summer blockbusters are you watching this year?
I think we will be revisiting some old classics. Never Ending Story, Dirty Dancing, Xanadu to name a few.

What’s your perfect summer meal?
Sashimi for sure. And really cold sea weed salad or cold soba noodle salads.

Describe your perfect summer day using emojis?

What’s your favourite summer destination and why?
Lord Howe Island, you basically can’t do anything but swim and snorkel all day, there’s no mobile reception and no ATMs, it’s paradise. And it’s still in NSW!

What should boys be wearing this summer?

Pastels. Boys look handsome in pastels.

What should girls be wearing this summer?
A representation of you as a person, not something you feel you should be. That’s the only way you will ever be comfortable.

What summer trend should go away? Why?
Sun baking. You all know why.

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