Fuck The Rent, R.M. Williams Is Having A ’Uge Sale In Syd This Weekend

Ummmm hello, what is better than a timeless wardrobe item being on sale? Bloody nothing, mates – copping jeans/boots/a jacket that goes with anything for less than RRP is the ideal, especially when you know the item in question is actually gonna last you forevs.

It’s rare to land a holy grail of sales like this, but sometimes the planets align and you are BLESSED. Like today – see, R.M. Williams, the brand that makes the footwear of choice for, oh, like 90% of Sydney‘s Inner West and the entirety of Melbourne, not to mention countless “I’m not a hipster” folks across the nation (oh, and actual farmers and jackaroos…) is having a BIIIIG sale in Sydney.

I mean big – you’ll be able to cop clothing and accessories at up to 50% off RRP, and boots START from 25% off.

Of course it’s not across all R.M. Williams products, but still. It’s not like they make any BAD boots, right?

The sale is on at Paddington Town Hall and starts tomorrow (Friday 27th April) at 8am, running til 5pm Sunday 29th.