Just A Heads Up, Rihanna’s Fenty Foundation Is The Actual, Legitimate Shit

Okay, first things first – this is not an ad. I know at least 40 of you thought this Lowes story I did was an ad (it was not, I just really like Lowes okay) so I’m letting you know straight-up that what you’re reading is something I simply decided was worthy of a story.

Cool? We good? Ok.

You know how everyone’s been freaking the fuck out over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection? Well, turns out it’s with good bloody reason beyond “Rihanna made beauty products/I love Rihanna/I need her beauty products”.

I haven’t yet had time to try the other stuff in the range. But I did get a chance to give the foundation a whirl. And hot damn, it’s replaced everything.

Bit of a background – I used to be a beauty editor and therefore have at least 20 foundations courtesy of my sick job. If it exists, it’s likely I’ve tried it at some point. So when I say Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is honest to god the best I’ve ever tried – it’s a big call.


It’s matte, and it stays matte all day. I get a bit of a sheen on my nose and forehead (hot) and that doesn’t happen when I wear Fenty foundation. But it’s not a hectic, drying matte. Just to add a bit of pizazz to my life, my skin is also chronically dry on the cheek and chin area. I couldn’t wear Fenty without properly moisturising but it definitely doesn’t leave my skin feeling like the Sahara.

Also, it’s somehow matte and makes you look lit-from-within? What is this


This is HUGE for me. My skin hates foundation – it literally repels it to the point where by lunchtime, I have 30% of what I originally put on my face, still on there. But with Fenty I look almost the same at 5pm as I did at 8am when I walked out of my house. Sure, there’s a little wear – but no other foundation has come close in terms of longevity.


The big talking point when this baby launched was the wide range of tones – it’s been argued that anyone could find their perfect shade in the Fenty foundation range. The key is that they have the same shade with different undertones – you can be a medium-beige, but have netural undertones, peach undertones or cool undertones, and each of those skin tones looks marginally different, but enough so that one foundation doesn’t fit all.


Praise fucking BE, this is a foundation that actually is full coverage. I’m sorry, there’s 100% a place for light-on foundations but it is not my face. I’ve got pigmentation, blotchy bits, the works. I want some strong shit from my foundation, and Fenty bloody delivered. But even though it’s full coverage, a little goes a long way, somehow. Magic.



You know how I said the matte effect of the foundation wasn’t drying? The foundation also isn’t heavy – major considering it’s so full coverage. It’s a very watery liquid formula, and that means it blends really easily. I wouldn’t say it feels like “nothing at all, nothing at all” but it does feel like your skin can breathe.

There you go, hope you enjoyed me just waxing lyrical about Fenty foundation. If you want one for yourself now (lol, is that even a question) hit up Sephora Australia online. The shades sell out CONSTANTLY, but they keep restocking. Even better – go in store to get colour matched.

Sorry for ruining your savings plan, mates.