Red Carpet Highlights At Myer Summer 2012 Launch

Last night it was Myer‘s turn to showcase its Summer 2012 collections just two days after the Miranda Kerr-commandeered David Jones show on Tuesday. Jennifer Hawkins led the model charge but let’s get to the good part: To the red carpet!

Second runner-up of The Voice Australia Sarah De Bono has been on hand for many envelope openings around town of late. Unfortunately, I’m so blinded by her uncanny likeness to the Kewpie Doll I had as a child that I can’t objectively concentrate on her outfit.

sass & bide designers Sarah Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton look pretty terrific all tanned and bright lipped and dressed in their own designs.

Tiny Megan Washington opts for her go-to standard choice of LBD. She is adorable as always, although I have to say this frock is not as nice as the ones she’s usually snapped in, and the beige shoes are a concern.

Platinum blonde model and new MTV presenter Kate Peck has enough serene composure to get away with an ensemble 70% constructed out of ostrich sheddings.

Jesus. Can bromantic MasterChef couple Ben and Andy please return to the kitchen immediately. This is not the place for people who think alarming denim blazers and UN-TUCKED SHIRTS (grrrrr) are perfectly okay.

This is Laura Csortan in a white and silver dress. For no good reason (other than the fact they have the same name) I often get her confused with Laura Dundovic

… who was also in a white and silver dress. TWINNIES!

It’s been a while since Danielle Spencer has been at a fashion event. That’s pretty evident based on her contemporary-country-singer-ish outfit choice. Sorry.

Sophie Falkiner doesn’t look entirely comfortable. Probably because this look is so something the wealthy girl at school who gets dressed by her mother ends up wearing to the Grade 11 semi-formal.

Jesinta Campbell has got some great flawless-bombshell hair and makeup going on, but the beige platform pumps are quite repulsive.

Handsome chav Kris Smith looks acceptable.

Gold looks amazingly chic and ‘edgy’ on some women, but on a traditionally pretty blonde like Jennifer Hawkins (ditto George Clooney’s girlfriend) it makes her look a bit like a ‘Miss Golden Globes’.

Photos by Lisa Maree Williams for Getty Images