Prada’s Flogging Off A Luxury Paperclip For The Low Low Price Of $244

Do you ever go to buy office supplies and think “bloody hell, these normal paperclips are all well and good, but in an ideal world, paperclips would be much bigger and made of sterling silver and also, they would cost at least $244 each”? If so, then you’re in luck, buddy, because the good people at Prada have just the thing to suit your needs and budget: 

The expensive Italian-made stocking-stuffer, described as a “sterling silver money clip designed in the shape of a paperclip” is currently on sale for a cool $US185 (or $AU244) on the Barneys website. There’s an extra $10 charge to ship it to Australia, should you wish to do that.
Barneys also do their own in-house version for a comparatively reasonable $US150:
I mean yeah, sure, if you have the money, then $185 is a totally reasonable amount  to spend on a paperclip that costs as much as my car.* 
(* My car is a piece of shit, but that’s neither here nor there).  
Anyway, articles like this typically end with a series of snarky tweets about the item in question, so please enjoy these ones:

Source: Barneys.