Those Cursed Post Malone Crocs Are Heading To Oz In Very Limited Numbers

Remember how a few months back we told you about that blight on footwear fashion – that somehow, in 2019, Crocs and Post Malone united to make the most cursed shoe? Well hang onto your butts, because they’re coming to Australia.

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That first drop sold out before anyone had the chance to breathe, so we expect that this lot will be much the same.

As it’s a new release of the collection, the shoes don’t look the same as the ones we talked about last year. Instead of that weird white with the repeating pattern, we’ve got a calming pair of grass-covered (??) Crocs. Which I assume is to camouflage your feet…or maybe hide your weed in there.

They do however, and I regret to inform you of this, still have those bloody jibbitz.

Because as Posty has said; you can really tell a lot about a man by the jibbitz on his Crocs.

The Aussie-exclusive release is to celebrate the fact that Post Malone is actually IN Australia right now (please don’t come for me because of my correct opinions, Mr Malone) and you’ll be able to grab a pair of the damned foam resin kicks from the George St Culture Kings shop in Sydney and the Crocs website.

They’re not out juuuust yet so don’t all run at once; you’ll be able to get your hands on a pair from 10am on May 9 if you’re really, really keen.

Post Malone isn’t even the only one who’s a devout Crocs stan – our very own G Flip is a staunch supporter of the shoe that should only be reserved for pottering grandparents who are spending their entire estate on their rose garden and children who cannot be trusted with any other footwear.

G Flip, however, goes for the full-coverage Croc – which is probably more commonly worn amongst sous chefs and people who hose down concrete daily.

All Croc. No jibbitz.

Is this what’s happening? Am I going to have to reluctantly accept that Crocs are legitimately a sought-after facet of on-trend streetwear? Am I going to come across people at Melbourne Fashion Week sporting a pair of Crocs in full attack mode???

Either way, if you wish to slide your feet into these podiatry blasphemers, you can cop ’em over at the Crocs website or give ’em a test walk at George St Culture Kings.

Post Malone’s final shows are at Sydney‘s Qudos Bank Arena on May 7 – 9, and you can grab tickets over HERE.