Poor Roo Trying To Escape Rockhampton Floodwaters Dies In Rescuers’ Arms

Scared, displaced animals are a sad reality of natural disasters like the flooding currently affecting Rockhampton thanks to the lingering effects of Cyclone Debbie.
The internet has already loved and lost dear sweet Debbie the Cockatoo (real name Feathers McFuck), a precious bird who sadly died after being rescued from the cyclone-ravaged areas of north Queensland.
Rocky today had their own little animal tragedy, after a panicked roo sadly passed away in the arms of rescuers early yesterday morning.
The distressed roo was apparently spotted hopping erratically near the Depot Hill area of Rockhampton, which is currently copping the full force of rising flood waters.
QLD Police were called in to assist attempts to corral and calm the animal, but it escaped and hopped onto a main road where it was struck by a vehicle.
A vet was called to treat the animal, but it passed away in the arms of rescuers a short while later.

Wildlife authorities stress that exhausted and panicked animals are a common occurrence in flood-ravaged areas, and the Depot Hill region, which borders the swollen Fitzroy River, is feeling the full force of the rising waters.

The river levels are currently sitting at around 8.3 metres, with a predicted peak of approximately 9 metres scheduled for Thursday.
RIP, RooPaul. 🙁

Source: 9News.
Photo: Cathy Border/Twitter.