Pokémon Go Is Over, ‘Cause ‘Satan’ Has Conquered Westboro Baptist Church

Owing to the fact nothing objectively good and well-liked can exist in this world without being co-opted by belligerent fundamentalists, the Westboro Baptist Church – yes, that Westboro Baptist Church – reacted to a Clefairy named ‘Loveislove’ overtaking their Pokémon Go gym by labelling it a ‘sodomite’. Truly. 

Welp, a few days after that particularly confusing episode, the WBC may have been relieved to discover that lustful sinner had finally been replaced. 

Upon closer inspection, the new guy may not actually be in their good books, though: it’s a Magmar. A CP 666 Magmar. A CP 666 Magmar named Satan. 

Read: Satan has finally conquered the Westboro Baptist Church.

In a post by Redditor /u/rbasov, it’s claimed the Prince of Hell was installed there by one of their mates. Others commented, lamenting the fact that the user-set nicknames are only visible to each Pokémon’s trainer, but still: that blatantly obvious 666 still gets the point across pretty clearly, no?

We highly doubt this is the last time religious divisions will be prodded via augmented reality monsters, but it bloody well should be. Unless, as some smuttily-minded users pointed out, the gym becomes overcome with throbbing Digletts. 

Source and photo: /u/rbasov / Reddit.