Pokémon GO Players Battle Westboro Baptist Church With ‘Sodomite’ Clefairy

Good grief. Ok, so… You’d better… You should strap in for this one. It’s a hell of a ride.
We all know by now that Pokemon GO is taking off faster than a rocket-straddling sprinter. The augmented reality game that launched a mere matter of days ago is already spawning mass public meetups, has already surpassed Tinder for total daily active users, and is set to overtake even Twitter in that department imminently.
We also know that you and just about everyone you know have been madly scouring your nearby streets for hidden gyms, lures, pokeballs, landmarks, and all that associated good stuff. There’s pokegyms set up at places of public interest literally all over the global map.
And when we say literally, we mean literally.
Like, for example, the Westboro Baptist Church.
Yes, that Westboro Baptist Church. No, we’re not kidding.
The real-life, no-foolin’, actual location of the “God Hates Fags” mob in Topeka, Kansas is now also doubling as a Pokemon GO gym.
Better still, for a solid while there it was captured and held by a Clefairy going by the nickname “Loveislove.”

If you thought the WBC response would be to label all Pokemon training utterly sinful, a slight against God, and all Pokemon characters to be little more than sodomising sinners, you’d be… actually, not totally accurate.

Whilst you’re correct in assuming that the WBC called Clefairy a sodomite (as predictable as the morning sun, that), what they did instead was recruit a Jigglypuff to defend their own turf.
Because when you look at a Clefairy and a Jigglypuff side-by-side you can clearly tell that Clefairy is the one who smangs butt on the reg.

…and now Clefairy is appearing on WBC propaganda, because the world we live in is absolutely cooked.

You can’t enjoy the popular nice thing without some dregs weighing in either, folks. That’s just the way the game works.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.