17 Personalised Things To Buy If You Want To Elevate From Basic To Bougie

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There’s something just a bit special about having products emblazoned with your initials, and currently I’m obsessed with personalising everything. It just elevates your shit from being everyday to being custom, which is definitely a bougie vibe. But monogrammed products aren’t just for the uber-rich, in fact, it’s becoming more accessible for us little people to get that extra bit of flex on their things.

Here’s a bunch of monogrammed products you can get your mitts on so no one — including you — will ever forget who you are.

Personalised Phone Cases

Casetify are the queens of the custom personalised phone case. You can opt for your initials, your nickname, hell, even your full first name that only your mum calls you, if that’s what blows your skirt up. Here’s just a selection, but they have so many combos on site, the sky is the bloody limit.

Custom Leather Phone Case, from $77 
Custom Mirror Phone Case, from $61
personalised phone cases
Custom Neon Sand Phone Case, from $77
Custom Leather Phone Case, from $77 
Custom Samsung Impact Case, from $75

Personalised Luggage

Recently I took this July suitcase on a short overnight trip and it was so light and easy to hoist into the overhead luggage compartment. Plus the personalised touch gave me business class vibes on an economy flight.

personalised luggage
July Carry On Light, $310

They’ve got totes, backpacks, weekenders, and small hard-case carry bags too.

personalised luggage
Carry All Tote, $195
Carry Me, $85

Personalised Sleepwear

Cotton On does a shitload of personalised bits and pieces, but I particularly need to get my hands on the monogrammed pajamas because they are simply too cute.

personalised pjs
Super Soft Long Sleeve Crew, $39.99
personalised pajamas
Warm Flannel Sleep Shirt, $39.99
Personalised Back Mens Plush Gown, $59.99

Personalised Activewear

Once again coming through with the goods, I definitely just fell into a rabbit hole of Cotton On’s entire personalisation section. They monogram puffer jackets, for crying out loud! And tights and water bottles and even yoga mats. This is both bougie and entirely practical, because who hasn’t lost a water bottle or yoga mat at the gym?

The Recycled Mother Puffer Jacket, $79.99
personalised water bottle
1 Litre Drink Bottle, $17.99
Core 7/8 Tight, $39.99
Premium Yoga Mat, $69.99

Personalised Wine Glasses

My friend bought me these personalised wine tumblers for a birthday gift and they are my favourite thing in my entire house. Yep, even including my beloved pet cat (sorry, Leroy). Hot tip: monogrammed products are awesome presents if you’re feeling selfless.

Sorrento Personalised Tumbler Set, $119
personalised wine glasses
Riviera Personalised Wine Glass Set, $159

Basically, you name it, you can chuck your initials — or someone else’s initials — on it. So go ahead and slap your name on everything, we dare you.