Oscar The Owl Escaped Adelaide Zoo & They Need Your Help To Find Him

If you’re in Adelaide right now, I do not care what you are currently doing, you need to drop it immediately and hunt for this missing owl. Sure, you could be fired or something, but listen: there is a goddamn owl missing from the zoo and he needs your bloody help.

Adelaide Zoo has put out a call for anyone who sees their mate Oscar, a sooty owl who took flight during a show on Monday:
“Oscar went missing on Monday during his routine free flight show. Immediately after he was hanging around in trees in the zoo and continued to do so until nightfall. Two of our keepers stayed in the area with him until late. As the sun went down, he stirred and went for a fly trying to get down to one of his carers, instead landing in a group of trees near the Nocturnal House.

“Arriving from Cairns Tropical Zoo last year, Oscar is not very familiar with the area so our Nature Theatre team have been conducting searches from dawn to dusk to find our beautiful nocturnal friend. Our overnight security team are also keeping their eyes peeled, as are our friends from the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

“Oscar’s keepers ask that you please keep an eye out for a beautiful grey owl with enormous dark eyes who looks like he could have been cast in the movie ‘Dark Crystal‘. Oscar is a ten-year-old owl who is an experienced free flight bird. During the day, he will be roosting high in a tree underneath the canopy. It would be unusual for him to move around throughout the day; however other local birds might spot him and carry on about it, so please look out for strange behaviour as well.”
They reckon he is unlikely to have flown more than one or two kilometres away from the zoo and they’re keeping his cage open just in case he gets homesick. If you do see this beautiful boy, give them a call on 8267 3255.

If you’re not able to go on an owl scavenger hunt, you can still help out by sharing their Facebook post.
Source and photo: Facebook / Adelaide Zoo