Kiss Goodbye To The Hellhole Year That Was 2020 In One Of These Sparkly, Glittery NYE Outfits

nye outfits
Contributor: Lucy Cocoran
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NYE is just around the corner guys, and while you might still be thinking heavily about Christmas, the fact of the matter is – if you want some fancy, sparkly NYE outfits, you need to act now. Nobody has time to be scratching at the windows, waiting for the postman to deliver their precious parcel. We need that extra peace of mind this year more than ever.

Since there’s never any time to find fun party outfits at this time of year, AND there are constant sales around that make the more pricey stuff a bit less card-destroyingly expensive, we’ve done the hard work for you. Peep our pick of the best NYE outfits below to kick 2020 out the door and usher in a new (and hopefully better) year. At the very least, a glittery outfit will make whatever party you’re at 1000% better – fact.



nye outfits

 Cowl Neck Sequin Mini Cami Dress ($56)

Plus Long Sleeve Drape Dress in Light Rose Gold ($130)

nye outfits

Sequin Mini Dress with Puff Sleeves ($190)

Tall Sequin Midi Pencil Dress in Emerald Green ($100)


nye outfits

Calcite Pants ($145)

Solis Gold Tee Dress ($93)


nye outfits

Don’t Slip Down Satin Maxi Dress ($33.60)

On Our Mesh Behaviour Ruched Mini Dress ($28)

nye outfits

Cowl It What You Want Satin Mini Dress ($24)


Commix V Top ($169.95) and Commix Pant ($249.95)

nye outfits

Tempo Top ($199.95) and Tempo Skirt ($249.95)


BWLDR Cady Dress ($129.95)

nye outfits

Pink Dusk It’s My Birthday Dress ($139.99)

Runaway Tia Mini Dress ($89)

nye outfits

Pink Dusk Smokin Hot Sequin Wrap Dress ($149.99)