NRL Star’s Twitter Allegedly Hacked, Deleted After Cheating Accusations

Before today, these were the details we knew about Curtis Sironen: son of Balmain Tigers hero Paul Sironen, Curtis has played for Wests Tigers since 2012, when he was named joint Rookie of the Season. After that, an unfortunate run of injuries often kept him away from the field until he strung together a series of performances last season, where the Tigers finished a lowly 15th. 

Today, Twitter was greeted with some unexpected and unconfirmed new info about the player. His account had apparently been hacked – and a photo, supposedly showing the player with a nude woman in bed, was accompanied with the caption “Before I make excuses this is why my girlfriend who is tattooed on my arm left me.” 

Sironen’s account has since been deactivated, but the account’s description was edited beforehand.

The hack may even constitute identity theft, and some Twitter users have asked if sharing the photo on the breached account would fall under new revenge-porn laws
Outside of that, the internet behaved exactly as it tends to do, with many supporting the reasoning behind the apparent hack. In any case, it’s prooobably not something Wests Tigers or Sironen himself are stoked about in the off-season.
Story via Newscorp.
Image: Brendon Thorne via Getty.