Sacked NRL Player Matthew Lodge Faces 25 Years’ Jail For NYC Incident

Sacked Wests Tigers player Matthew Lodge is in a world of trouble and faces 25 years in prison after a violent incident in New York late last week.
The 20-year-old was on holiday for the end of the NRL season when it’s alleged that he stalked two women after a night out, following them to an apartment, punching its male occupant, and throwing a bottle at police.
Lodge was being held in Rikers Island prison, but has since been released, after his father flew to New York to post the $US 50,000 bond, comprising $US 20,000 ($AU 27,602) cash. 
Further details of Lodge’s violent night have since emerged, and it is alleged that after following the two women and telling them “tonight is the night you die”, they frantically rang apartment buzzers on the Upper West Side until someone let them in.
Police allege that Lodge followed them in to the apartment, punched its male occupant and locked him in a hallway; he then proceeded to “trash” the apartment while the man’s wife and child were still inside.
When police arrived on the scene, Lodge allegedly threw a bottle of wine at them, but missed, and he subsequently retreated to another room, where he was found “cowering” in a closet.
His charges will be determined by a grand jury, but it is understood that he is likely to face counts of burglary in the first and second degrees, the first of which has a maximum 25-year sentence.
Yesterday, Wests Tigers sacked the troubled young player, who has previously faced charges relating to assault and domestic violence at home in Australia.
via News Corp
Photo: Matt King via Getty Images