You Can Now Match Your Pooch’s Leash To Your Activewear So That’s Bondi To Bronte Sorted

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There’s few things we love more in this life than being extra as hell with our pets. Carrying them like babies, decking them out in the best accessories – the whole kit and caboodle. Now, courtesy of Nimble Activewear, you can take your pooch obsession to the next level. Yep, it’s time to go full Elle and Brusier Woods up in here.

Nimble is really out here doing god’s work, releasing two polka dot dog leads to match their polka play activewear collection. Both leads are $29 each and come in polka white or polka black. For the humans, they’ve got polka bike shorts, cropped bras and even scrunchies if you’re really keen to kick the dot theme into high gear.

Zoom Bike Short, $79 and Scoop Back Bra, $89

Whether you own a dog or not, Nimble’s activewear polka dot collection is all kinds of cute. The bike shorts hug you in all the right places and come with a hidden pocket in the waistband to hold your phone (or Scooby snacks). Up top, the scoop back bra offers the kind of support we all crave and is high-coverage at the front if you’re planning to smash a few stair sprints with your pooch in tow.

If you do have a dog, this is your call to stop trailing them around in a raggedy piece of old rope. Sure they might eat rubbish off the ground but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the finer things in life, too. Think of the toothy dog grin they’ll have when they rock up to the park looking like a baller in front of their four-legged mates.

Bestie Lead, $29

So, if you’re ready to lead the pack and establish your position as the ultimate dog mum – this is your chance. After all the love and cuddles our dogs give us, it’s the leashed we could do.

You can shop Nimble polka dot collection here.