Nicole Trunfio Launches Jewllery Line, Enrolls At NIDA

Our job is really tough sometimes. Take yesterday for example, our ruthless bosses made us work past 5:30 and interview Nicole Trunfio in a Bondi hotel room – while she was in bed. As you can imagine they had to drag us there. But while we were formulating believable excuses and wondering whether a free dinner was compensation enough for such an inconvenience, Nicole revealed some exciting news that made the whole trip worth while.

Starting in 2010 the WA beauty will launch an eponymous jewllery line in collaboration with a Turkish company. The pieces are all unique, silver plated and aim to make women feel like royalty. You can have a sneak peek at some piece below and if you like what you see the Nicole Trunfio jewllery line will launch in New York City next year with other cities to follow. They’ll also be available for purchase online.

In non-jewellery related news, Trunfio also told us about her January enrollment at Sydney’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (or NIDA) whose alumni includes Cate Blanchett, Simon Baker, Sam Worthington, Miranda Otto, Baz Luhrmann and Toni Collette. Trunfio, who enrolled into an intense one month course and hopes to pursue the craft more seriously after her tenure said: “I’m really really excited. I’ve been studying acting in New York for four years but I’ve always wanted to go to NIDA. And I thought that maybe after I go to NIDA I’ll have the balls to go and start auditioning”.

When asked about auditions Trunfio also told us about a forthcoming flick she might be in next year: “I actually have auditioned for a movie that I’m meant to be in next year – it’s a Vampire movie”. Sadly, it isn’t Twilight.

Look out for a full length video interview soon where Trunfio discusses Terry Richardson’s no-pants methodology, dealing with crazy contestants on “Make Me A Super Model” and the time she almost fell off a cliff in Mykonos.

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