Michelle Obama’s $5,000 Balenciaga Thigh-High Glitter Boots Just Saved 2018

michelle obama boots

Michelle Obama is one talented woman. In addition to having FLOTUS on her resumé, Michelle is also a lawyer, highly-regarded author, avid feminist, Harvard-graduate and kickass mum.

Just recently, to celebrate the release of her new book Becoming – a memoir of her life – Michelle was interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker in New York City. And now it seems she can also add ‘fashion icon’ to her impressive bio.

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Rather than attending the promotional event in a tailored suit or something super serious, Michelle stepped out on stage looking approximately three zillion bucks.

First up, she wore a canary yellow satin wrap dress by Balenciaga, complete with a fierce split that went all the way up her legs.

michelle obama boots

Then there was her shoes: $5,000 thigh-high glitter boots, also made by the Spanish house, and they are every bit as extra as you could possibly imagine:

michelle obama boots

HOLY SHIT. Bow down, we’ve just found our kween.

These shoes transform mere mortal legs into full-length glitter goddess pins that stop for no one and seriously, what a mood.

New year’s resolution: walk into 2019 like Michelle walked onto that goddamn stage.

Here’s a full look at these shimmery beauts:

michelle obama boots

Safe to say, the Internet is also losing its goddamn mind over these shoes.

“I want Michelle Obama to kick me in the face in these boots” wrote one fan.


“I. Need. These. Boots. In. My. Life! — Michelle Obama’s Metallic Boots Gave Us Life.”

“Apologies in advance to everyone who is going to have to listen to me go on about Michelle Obama’s boots for the rest of my life.”

“When I die, please project these blessed images of Michelle Obama’s boots on my  tombstone.”


“I did not know I needed to see Michelle Obama in knee high gold lamé boots, but apparently I did.”

“@MichelleObama did not come to play! This slay is one for the books.”

“So Michelle Obama just gone fuck us up with these thigh-high Balenciaga boots? Excuse me while I stan.”


“@MichelleObama could curb stomp me in those @Balenciaga boots.”


Of course, SJP – a self-confessed shoe addict – would have totally digged Michelle’s fierce footwear game.

In fact, one look at this picture shared on Michelle’s Instagram Story, showing the two successful women backstage together, and we’re not sure who’s fangirling harder:

michelle obama boots
Credit: Instagram Stories / @michelleobama