SPILL THE TEA: Apparently Celebs Absolutely Loathe The “Tedious” Met Gala

As the anointed few ascend the hallowed stairs of the 2018 Met Gala, it’s worth remembering that not everyone sees the super glam fundraising event as the pinnacle of high society. In fact, a fair few folks reckon the whole deal is a little bit shit.

Speaking to nonpareil gossipmongers Page Six, some of those who’ve been granted access to Anna Wintour‘s pet project claim the event is stiflingly cliquey, high-pressure, and literally tailor-made to stress everyone out.

One Hollywood celeb wrangler told the outlet the structure imposed by Wintour – who allegedly blacklists those she doesn’t like, and even has a say in the order of red carpet arrivals – has resulted in a Mean Girls-like environment.

The fact celebrities are forced to go without their publicists and broader support teams allegedly exacerbates the issue, as those high society humans are left to their own devices in a crowd of folks who allegedly view the party as nothing more than a frantic networking function.

One publicist with two clients in attendance today called it “tedious” and “not that much of an enjoyable evening.” Another apparent insider anonymously told the publication thatNew Yorkers would interact with David Bowie, and it was fun and amazing. But people say it’s just become a corporate pressure cooker.”

Despite allegations that the whole thing turns into a weird, insular, ultra-exclusive party – think back to the pack of celebs who secluded themselves to huff darts in the loos last year – some still say everyone there is actually chill.

When this whole discussion came up last year, one insider said that everyone is actually pretty easy to get along with. They reckoned “when the ticket is $50,000 and you received Anna’s stamp of approval it’s a foregone conclusion that you’re worth being there.”

It’s wild shit. But, if you don’t care about the drama and only want to look at the pretty threads, we have the rundown right HERE.